About Backflow Boot Camp®

Backflow Boot Camp® is a unique, 3-day workshop designed to assist water systems with the development, implementation, and management of their cross connection control and backflow prevention program.  The goal of the camp is to target multiple water systems within a local geographic area to participate so that attendees may share experiences amongst themselves long after the camp is complete.  The camp will serve as a refresher for any certifications the attendee may possess and focus on proven techniques to increase water customer participation in the backflow program.  Techniques and strategies will be centered an article in the Southwest Water Works Journal entitled Backflow Prevention Programs: Keys to Success .

Camp Providers

Backflow Prevention Services (BPS) has been a leading provider of cross connection control and backflow prevention training and consulting since 2004.  Having assisted dozens of water systems with the commencement of their program, BPS is keenly aware of the trials and tribulations associated with starting a program and will assist camp participants with eliminating or navigating the obstacles that could be encountered.

Camp Components

Backflow Boot Camp® is more than a single 3-day event and includes long term support from Backflow Prevention Services.  The Camp includes:

  1. Quality Training by knowledgeable professionals
  2. Digital and written copies of a proven Policy and Procedures template
  3. Ordinance template for easy editing to fit your needs
  4. Plumber’s Packet template to guide plumbers and testers through the program which eases the burden on the program manager’s time.
  5. Water system records imported into GARDER® — a low cost, easy to use, cloud based comprehensive program management software application developed by program administrators for program administrators.
  6. Complimentary 1st year subscription to GARDER®*
  7. Consulting support**

*Annual subscription rate is $199.00 per PWS number.  Additional charges apply to those attendees desiring to import existing backflow data into GARDER®.  Charges for importing current backflow records into GARDER® are  $1.00 per saved backflow preventer test report.  Any future saved test reports shall be at a cost of $5.00 per saved test report.

** Includes phone and email support only.  On-site consulting is not included; however, BPS representatives are available upon request.

Attendee Requirements

Submit water system data prior to camp in correct format (Excel spreadsheet will be provided by BPS upon registration.)

Attendee must bring Tablet Computer to the Camp (iPad, Windows Surface, etc.)

Camp Agenda

“Talking the Talk” – An Introduction to Backflow Prevention


Cross Connection Examples

Health Topics (Hazard of Backflow)

Laws and Responsibilities

Fundamentals of Backflow

Case Histories

Methods and Mechanisms for Preventing Backflow

Backflow Preventer Installations

Installation Requirements

Vertical vs. Horizontal


Thermal Expansion

Housekeeping and Freeze Protection

Maintenance and Repair of Backflow Preventers

Testing Requirements

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Backflow Prevention Programs

Components of a Model Program

Ordinance Preparation

Policy and Procedures for Quality Control

Permitting Process for Testers/Plumbers

Application Process and Fee Assessment

Annual Testing Letter Distribution

Plumber’s Packet

Plumber/Tester Meeting

Letter Distribution

Letter Content

Types of Letters


Program Budget Evaluation

Record Keeping


Data Import


Cross Connection Control Surveys

Surveyor Qualifications

Types of Surveys



Who Do You Survey

Drive By Surveys

Technical Surveys

Plan Review of New Construction

Data Collection and Record Keeping

Survey Forms


Survey Field Trip


Dealing with Non-Compliant Customers

Public Education Campaign

Dealing with an Incident

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